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Siren Control and Activation Software Packages

We know that getting the right hardware in the field is the first step. Control comes next. We cannot help you control the weather. We can provide state-of-the-art tools to monitor emergency situations and control how your system performs.

Storm Sentry

Weather Monitoring and Automatic Siren Activation Software Suite

For years, emergency personnel struggled with receiving timely weather warnings from a dedicated and reliable source.  The warnings were sometimes late, sometimes false, and worst of all, sometimes not received.  This problem lead to the question “When do we activate our sirens, pagers, or emergency action plan?”

The key ingredient in the new STORM SENTRY Weather Monitoring System is software that interprets and understands weather data.  The STORM SENTRY has revolutionized the emergency notification market by making weather / emergency notification easier, faster, and best of all, AUTOMATIC.

With our weather monitoring software, you take all the information from the National Weather Service and put it in one place, your office.  Best of all, do all this for one small cost; no monthly or yearly contracts.  A one time purchase of the hardware and software buys the user a lifetime of weather security.

Call today and let us help you explore what is possible with the STORM SENTRY. 

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